People don’t do business with companies.  They do business with people.

Growth Phase Advisors is a professional CFO and a support team that parachutes in to build The Platform and position your company for growth. We work with your team to accelerate your path to scale and success. We are not engaged in other activities and we are not angling for your accounting business.  We are a true partner helping you achieve your objectives.

The main reason to choose GPA as your growth partner is the people behind it.  Those people are all selected because they have certain irreplaceable qualities for entrepreneurial endeavors:

  • High energy
  • Sharp minds
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • Seasoning

People tend to be limited by their experience. If you haven’t seen a large number of situations, you are unlikely to quickly see the similarities between the current business problem and ones you have faced before.

That is why the “seasoning” of our advisors is non-negotiable.  Any resource brought to bear on a client engagement is vetted by our team and guaranteed by our engagement agreement. As such, no client will ever be paying for the education of our team. The success we bring to your project goes into our collective “library” to ensure even greater future outcomes, but there is little doubt we have “been there, done that and have the scars to prove it.”

Our principals have been involved as founders, investors and advisors to many companies just like yours, balanced with professional training and large-enterprise experience to ensure your success is accelerated.