Seriously.  If you are reading this, you have already recognized you need assistance in building your Platform. So your need is acute and the time is truly now.

Ideally, GPA is brought in before your initial round of professional funding. Certainly, the sooner we are introduced to your mix, the more likely your success is accelerated and the common traps entrepreneurs fall into avoided. But if the approach we take isn’t introduced prior to accepting institutional capital, the investor will make these decisions for you, putting you at a disadvantage, or worse – a complete loss of control over your vision. We know because we are also brought in by those very institutional investors to fix broken companies.

We often spend considerable time and energy without getting adequately paid. While that may sound stupid, in pre-funded enterprises, everyone on the team is underpaid (or unpaid).  Our commitment to projects we believe in is that strong.  We are comfortable making investments in entrepreneurs and ideas we believe will succeed.