The process for assessing the environment of each company and building The Platform varies with each engagement.  Typical engagements last from three to six months, with some projects lasting a long as two years.  Often, small pieces of an overall engagement are tackled as “projects” and aggregated over time as the company priorities evolve to complete the Platform. Sometimes we get so involved, we take an equity position and stay on for the duration.

Generally, however, our methodology follows a very straightforward process and timeline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Needs Assessment
  3. Detailed Scope and Alignment of Goals
  4. Comprehensive Environmental Analysis
  5. Report of Findings, Recommendations and Impact Analysis
  6. Implementation and Integration
  7. Measurement of Success

Nothing magic about the approach, until you get to the last 2 steps.  GPA stays aboard to implement the Platform and integrate it into your enterprise culture. Ours is not a canned solution that we drop on you and expect your already stressed-out team to implement.  We stay with the process and measure the impact on your success.