Think of Growth Phase Advisors as the high-powered CFO you need as your partner but aren’t ready to bring on full time. We aren’t merely consulting hacks, we are your CFO, working along side you and your team to ensure the learnings and changes made are part of the company, not part of a report.

With the vast experience of its principals, GPA is able to bring insight and actionable solutions that come from experienced, expensive financial pros to a growing enterprise across several functional components:

  • Budget Development and Discipline
  • Financial Controls
  • Capital Formation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operating Process Rationalization
  • Vendor and Client Management
  • Human Capital Planning, Acquisition and Management
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Strategic Partner Development

GPA focuses on the core functions of businesses and provides a template for ensuring success during the growth phase of young companies. Our approach always begins with the common denominator of business – financial operations and reporting.  Without a sufficient operating plan and proper controls, success in attracting capital and scaling up an enterprise is futile. Once the strategic plan is identified and articulated, proper capital levels and structure are developed. The “road show” pitch to investors is never attempted until the “Platform” is outlined.

What we refer to as The Platform – Capital, People, Systems and Processes – is just that: a base upon which the company can grow efficiently and quickly.  We position the company to grow organically, or through acquisition/consolidation, within an industry to reach the “critical mass” for achieving the ultimate goals of the enterprise.  To build this Platform, a strategic plan is developed, the financial controls are embedded and the operating processes, policies and procedures are aligned with the core goals of the enterprise.