We are Up and Running!

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This is the first post to what I hope you agree will be a subliminally funny, mostly educational and unabashedly open place. Its theme will vary, with a heavy dose of Business Management and Finance topics.  That’s just what I do. Hopefully, the insightful people invited to join will contribute their interesting and informative items along the way.

If you choose to opt in and receive the periodic musings and interesting links to cool and relevant facts, opinions and provocative thoughts, I promise you it will be fun.

I am nothing if not fun.

And interesting.

And predictably unpredictable.

At least as far as I know.

Like other forums – the multi-person text string, or the Bookface thing – this blog encourages contributions in all forms, from all players.  It is just easier in this format to be more witty and thoughtful.  I like witty and thoughtful. And it is less stressful: no need to feel pressure to reply. No one else knows your even there until you spout off.

While I will try to keep my to criticism, sarcasm and cynicism to an absolute minimum, I welcome anyone to use it as a means of releasing opinions within a smart, educated forum.  Meanness won’t be tolerated but displaying one’s angst, while I think it is counter-productive, is ok.

So let’s go. That’s Y1P1.

Back at you tomorrow.

Be safe. Be happy.




4 thoughts on “We are Up and Running!”

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